Book Narrator – It’s time to get heard!


You’ve written a book? Well done, we know that writing’s tough! Unfortunately, getting noticed and generating sales can be harder still.  These days, writers and publishers need to make some noise – as well as finding ways to maximise their income streams.  Book Narrator are here to help.  Whatever genre you’re writing in, whatever your theme or character, we’re confident we’ve got a voice for you.  And by providing your Audiobook with a free promotion package, we can help you stand out from the crowd.

Why go audio?

Put simply, there’s never been a better time.  Audiobooks are the fastest growing segment in publishing. What’s more, the increase is steep. In 2013  about 20,000 audiobooks were released.  By 2015 this was closer to 43,000, with audiobook downloads far outstripping e-book sales (by over one million). Creating an Audiobook allows you to tap this potential and maximise your income.  It’s time to get heard!

What we do

Book Narrator have gathered together the best creative talent – placing the highest standard narrators and production values within your reach. Our narrators are multi award winning with a wealth of experience – hundreds of books produced, for audible, publishing companies and commercial clients. Now, thanks to Book Narrator, they could be working for you. We provide:

○ A library of audible approved voices

○ The highest quality audio (mastered and ready for use)

○ A boutique, bespoke service – friendly and tailored to meet your needs

○ Thorough quality-control

○ A free YouTube and SoundCloud promotion package

Samples of just a few of our narrators can be found below:


That’s great! We’ll guide you through the whole production process. From choosing you the perfect narrator, to uploading your book to Audible. All our audio is edited and mastered to the highest possible standards – with the greatest attention to detail. Click now for a free, no obligations quote. We’ll look forward to hearing from you.




Book Narrator’s audio and YouTube promotions help spread the word on blogs, websites and social media.  In cluttered feeds they catch the eye – generating the clicks and shares you need.  Perhaps you are building a mailing list?  Well, an audio segment of your book is a great giveaway.  Prior to a book launch it can build anticipation.  Post launch, it can pull in the readers and sales you need.  What’s more, it’s a simple formula – award winning, audible-approved narrators record your sample chapters.  Book Narrator do the rest:

○ adding genre specific musical intro’s and outro’s

○ creating bespoke video promotions using your own cover art

○ mastering the audio for premium sound quality (sounds great, even on phones and laptops)

○ uploading to SoundCloud and YouTube (easy for linking)

○ providing an MP3 copy (perfect for a giveaway  –  we can direct the listener to your offers, website, or point of sale)

Let us know a bit more about your project, particularly the wordcount and genre. If needed we can create a bespoke promotion for you – with musical intros and outros that match the genre, style and content of your work. Click now for a no-obligations quote. We’ll look forward to reading your work.