5 Mistakes to avoid when you record your Audiobook.

blue cover book and headphones over wooden table

  1. Silence is golden.  It doesn’t matter how expensive the recording equipment is, if there’s noise in the room, there’s noise on your audiobook.  Professional producers should be recording in a sound proof room with a low noise floor.  Check there’s a soundproof set up.
  2. Will the audio book be mastered?  Mastering is the final step of audio post-production. It balances the sonic elements to optimize playback quality.  If you want your book to sound great on mobiles, laptops, stereos and headphones, mastering is essential.
  3. Will the recording meet Audibles requirements?  You may be self-publishing your audiobook, but if you want to use the biggest commercial platform, then you’ll need to meet their guidelines.  Audible have strict quality controls including: file bit rate, maximimum noise floor, submission of retail audio sample, credits….  It’s best to check your producer is working to their rules.
  4. Is the cheapest option, the best option? Try not to let money be your sole consideration.  A poorly recorded audiobook will reflect badly on your reputation as a writer.
  5. Don’t assume you can record it yourself!  Aside from the technicalities of creating great audio, quality narrating is an art unto itself.  If you want to have a crack at it

Why record an AudioBook?

Looking to reach a bigger audience for your writing?  Hoping to increase your income? Creating an Audiobook can achieve these aims. Here are 5 ways how.


  1. Audiobooks are the fastest growing segment in publishing. What’s more, the increase is steep. In 2013  about 20,000 audiobooks were released.  By 2015 this was closer to 43,000, with audiobook downloads far outstripping those of e-book sales (3.88 million audiobooks to 2.47 million ebooks). Creating an Audiobook allows you to tap into this potential.
  2. Royalties are high! On most platforms authors will receive 35% of the titles sale price. As the market grows and evolves, there are more opportunities to self-publish. Cheap subscription sites like Bandcamp mean sales end up in your pocket. Perfect.
  3. It needn’t be expensive. If your prepared to wait longer for your finished book, the cost can be spread over payments.  Ask if to pay per block of 10,000 words.
  4. Audio chapters can promote your writing.  An audio sample of your book is a fantastic promotional tool. Embedded on your website, soundtracking a youtube advert, uploaded to soundcloud and shared ….. there are countless ways to get heard. A good production company will tweak a chapter for you, creating a compelling advert.
  5. Music and sound effects can enhance your writing.  This isn’t always true, but a good producer will know when to add the whistles and bells to create an immersive experience.  A simple, musical intro can often add impact to your work.


The Road to Purification

We are very pleased to have collaborated with an old friend and talented writer Harry Whitewolf, creating a sound chapter from his novel ‘The Road to Purification.’  The novel is a helter-skelter, madcap adventure through Egypt, with protagonist Mad Harry guided on his way by otherworldly encounters and signs.  In this chapter sinister sounds add to the creeping sense of paranoia.  Hear what you think!  You can find out more about Harry at his website here.